Earning ASA Certifications While Aboard

Would you like to earn your American Sailing Association (ASA) 104 certification while aboard? Coastal Sailing Adventures is a segment of Myrtle Beach Sailing School, therefore the Captain of each leg is also an ASA Instructor. For those following the ASA program, and meet the prerequisites, we offer 104 as an add-on to your island-hopping leg sailing passage.

About the ASA:
For those unfamiliar with the ASA, it is a progressive learn to sail program. With the exception of Basic Keelboat (ASA101), each course typically has a prerequisite. ASA101 is a prerequisite to ASA103. ASA103 is a prerequisite to ASA104, and so on. If you would like to learn more about our ASA certification program either visit us online at Myrtle Beach Sailing School or call 843-241-6874.

How it Works:
Each leg of our adventure sailing season has been setup as either an offshore or coastal cruising/island hopping passage. Select the course and passage that corresponds to the certification you seek, then give us a call to discuss.

Can I receive my ASA 101 or 103 Certifications while aboard?
No. While we do teach on every passage, most of the skills and knowledge we will be focusing on surpasses the 101 and 103 curriculum. Visit us at Myrtle Beach Sailing School if you are interested in pursuing these two certifications.

ASA Certification
104 Bareboat Cruising
*106 Advanced Coastal Cruising

Keys or any Bahamas Cruise

Add-On Cost

* Note - We hope to offer ASA106 during the offshore legs in the future. *